Experience and Skills


Professional Experiences

  • Walldotapp

    (November 2022 - Present)

    Skills: Python, SQL, Django, DRF, PostgreSQL, AWS, Prometheus, Grafana, Celery, Redis, Traefik, Docker, Docker Compose

    • As a Backend Engineering Intern at Wall, I have been actively contributing to the development of the questing platform’s backend using Django, the Django-REST framework, and PostgreSQL.
    • I have also been instrumental in dockerizing various projects at Wall, including the main questing platform backend and ETL pipeline. I wrote docker compose configurations using traefik as a reverse proxy for the dev, staging and prod environments.
    • To ensure the smooth functioning of the ETL pipeline, I set up monitoring using Celery flower, Prometheus, and Grafana.
    • In addition, I established a CI/CD pipeline using GitHub actions to test the code and facilitate its deployment to the staging environment and ultimately to production.
    • My efforts have also led to an improvement in the performance of the platform by modifying the initial database design and restructuring tables to reduce the complexity of queries.
  • LinkedIn

    (June 2022 - August 2022)

    Skills: Flask, MySQL, ETL pipelines, Hive, Python, Hadoop, Azkaban, Fleet Management

    • I was a part of the GRID SRE team, which is responsible for the Hadoop infrastructure at LinkedIn. This infrastructure had around 41,000 hosts at that time.
    • Such a large infrastructure needed active monitoring to make sure that the hosts were reliable and working smoothly. I created a knowledge base of 11 internal resources and determined the flow of data for these resources that involved Azkaban workflows and Hadoop HDFS.
    • To improve accessibility and streamline data management, I developed a Flask-based REST API to provide quicker and easier access to the fleet management data without the need for complex query writing.
  • Hallparty

    (September 2021 - December 2021)

    Skills: Kafka, Neo4J, Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Linux, AWS S3

    • As a part of my role at Hallparty, I was responsible for migrating the company’s user data from PostgreSQL to MongoDB due to various business and product reasons. I successfully led this operation by writing a bunch of standalone Python scripts.
    • I was tasked with migrating Neo4J data from an older Kubernetes cluster to a newer one. To accomplish this, I wrote scripts to extract the data from the old cluster and transfer it to S3 using Kafka streams. I then pushed the collected data from S3 to the Neo4J instance in the new cluster using a similar approach.
  • CruXe

    (March 2021 - May 2021)

    Skills: Python, Django

    • As a Python/Django developer, I developed a Django API for the product that interfaced with a Flask API running an ML model for summarization and a database for general data storage.
    • I optimized the controllers and implemented asynchronous processes to significantly reduce the response time of the initial API.
    • The product was successfully utilized by 40,000 users across more than 10 countries with a flawless performance record.
  • Cybersify

    (September 2020 - February 2021)

    Skills: GraphQL(Graphene), Django, Django-channels, Docker, Travis CI, PostgreSQL

    • At Cybersify, I served as a Backend and DevOps Engineer, working on an application that enabled users to search for nearby gyms, schedule appointments, and purchase gym subscriptions from within the app.
    • I was a key player in the team responsible for developing a GraphQL API using Django-Graphene to handle multiple backend endpoints. I also designed and implemented database models using the Django ORM and PostgreSQL, adhering to best practices to achieve a test coverage of 90%.
    • I also built an asynchronous service using Redis, Graphene, and Django Channels.
    • To ensure smooth deployment, I set up Travis CI and Docker containerization for the project.

Open Source Contributions


  • Lead at Google Developer Students Club

    • As the Lead for the GDSC community at my college, I oversaw a core team of 40 people and a community of 1500+ student developers for a year.
    • During my tenure, I organized events for the community and successfully led multiple open source projects.
  • Student Teacher at Pratigya Abhiyan

    • At Pratigya Abhiyan, I participated in teaching primary, secondary, and high school students from underprivileged sections of society located near the college.
  • Join Secretarty at MLSC

Technical Skills

Languages: Python, Golang, SQL, C/C++, JS, Solidity

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Prometheus

Frameworks: Django, Flask, FastAPI

DevOps: AWS, Docker, Docker Compose, Travis CI, GitHub Actions, Grafana, Git, Sentry

Areas of Interest: Backend Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, DevOps Engineering, Blockchains